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Complete answers

– And now we will translate the sentence: Laiva lipuu hiljaa kohti Tegelvikin satamaa.

A quiet sigh spread through the classroom. Someone coughed. Not a single hand shot up. A boy in the back row fumbled, cautiously, under the probing gaze of the teacher:

– Färjan glider…

And then… silence.

I have recently pondered in various contexts why I became a translator and why I embarked on the journey of an entrepreneur in the translation and linguistic industry. I had never been good at mathematical subjects but I loved learning languages – despite the teacher of Swedish. I studied English, Swedish, French, German, and Italian, I considered taking Spanish and Russian classes, I devoured books in foreign languages and daydreamed about traveling overseas.

I could spend several minutes polishing a single sentence – or even a single word – with all the pages of my dictionaries turning into dog ears. I spent all my time in the library’s furthest corner, looking for even more new source material for my thesis. At that time, I considered becoming a teacher but I ended up trying to figure out what kind of skills I have that someone might need or that would help others.

Worth every ounch of trust

In that classroom, I was the girl who sat in the front row and who never had to worry about not having done her homework. Every assignment was ready and every sentence was translated for every single class. I would even work ahead and complete exercises during lessons. An A+ girl. Efficiency above everything.

Being conscientious and taking responsibility are still natural to me in this job. When I have asked our clients for feedback, one word rises above others. Trust.

Our clients trust us. We respond to messages, we create high-quality translations, we ask and we confirm. Some of the other characteristics associated with Lingo Translation Services are friendly communication and a positive view of the future. Our entire communication with our clients is based on these aspects.

Färjan glider sakta mot Tegelvikshamnen.
There was the answer, written down on paper.

Lingo does its homework

We, the Lingo team, still take pride in doing our homework.

2015 will be a year of development for me as an entrepreneur as well as for Lingo Translation Services. New opportunities to become better than ever lie ahead of us. This is where we need your help. Do tell us – with what and how can we be of assistance?

 Miia Virtanen

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