Glossary creation - The correct and key terms used at your company

Glossary creation

Is tacit knowledge passed on at your workplace? Are you familiar with the correct terms in your industry or the key terms used at your company? We offer assistance in the form of managed glossary creation.

Glossary creation means that we familiarise ourselves with the terms used by clients in their business operations and with the special vocabulary used in the industry. It also means the work associated with creating and managing glossaries. During translations, we discuss suitable terms with the client, utilise translation memory software to make terms consistent and to manage them and we also create mono-, bi- or multilingual term banks in various file formats. Additionally, we create style guides for companies' written communication.

It pays off to begin managed glossary work before the terminology used in the workplace becomes so complex that customers and even employees have difficulties understanding what everyone else is talking about. Usually, this is when a company will also start receiving questions and feedback from customers. Something is not understood.

Glossaries help to retain a company's key terms in one central location where they remain consistent and available to every employee, if needed. It is also easy to update and change terms because language changes constantly and new terms are needed as products and services are developed and as business operations evolve.

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