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How to make it in China – SOME considerations

March 15, 2019


With a cracking economic development and over 350 million middle-class consumers, China certainly offers the greatest potential for most of the international market players.



The most efficient way to reach Chinese consumers is through social media.

You can’t do business in China without social media

Weibo, “Chinese Twitter”, has 446 million active monthly users. WeChat, 1.08 billion users.

Some Finnish frontrunners, such as Visit Finland, Finnair and FICEA ry (Finland-China Education Association) have consistently been building presence in these channels. The number of followers on their official accounts is continuously increasing.

Currently, Finnair’s Weibo account has over 82,000 followers and Visit Finland’s Weibo account more than 237,000 followers.

The average follower numbers can be huge, since China has a whopping 911 million active social media users.

People get tremendous amounts of information from different channels. It is up to the individual which channels she or he prefers to follow. Companies choose to focus on certain social media channels based on the nature of the business and marketing purposes.

Finnair for example uses Weibo for promoting environmental and social responsibility related marketing content, while WeChat is used as a channel for marketing and selling airline tickets.

So how to benefit from the social media channels in China? The key lies in the content.

Focus on Local

Study the potential new market carefully and you will succeed. This advice covers all aspects – the region in general, its people, their customs and the local business environment. It also helps in deciding on the kind of language you’ll use in social media channels. Does the audience prefer lively buzzwords or is it better to sound a bit serious in a different context?

Studying the market helps businesses to map out their marketing strategy. It helps them understand customers’ needs and adapt their products and services for the specific market.

Understand Chinese Media

China has not only the Great Wall but also the famous firewall. Is your message readable and accessible in China? When it comes to social media in China, you’d better forget the channels listed in the right column below, consider those on the left instead:



There are many websites and APPs in China for different purposes. The Chinese go to Amazon for books and CDs, to QIY for TV programs and movies, to JD for electronics products and to Ctrip for travel and holidays. These platforms each have their own features and are easily accessible by their users. At the stage of market study, it is key to understand where users are searching information from.

Be visible with Keywords in Chinese

Are you ready for the language challenge? Business people in international cities like Shanghai are fairly proficient in English. Yet the Chinese prefer doing business in their own language. People remember names and information better in their own language, and studies show that over 75% of online consumers globally want to buy in their native language.

Chinese language is also the foundation in social media search. Chinese people are used to searching information in Chinese. To start social media marketing in China, some keywords in Chinese are a must.

Are you ready to have a creative, business-relevant and easy-to-remember brand in Chinese for your business?


“You need to have
a brand name also in Chinese.”


There are many famous and successful Chinese translations for international brands including Coca-Cola and IKEA.

Create a Quality Website in Chinese for the China Market

Creating a quality website in Chinese is essential for your business. In addition to the general company and product information, it is important to tailor your message to the target audience in their mother tongue.

Your website also works as a platform where you may create the links to your company’s social media channels which help you convey your message to a much wider audience.



Innovation and high-tech require thinking outside the box, while clients’ expectation can be quite down-to-earth.


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