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If I were a Chinese Tourist…

January 7, 2017

Have you heard about the growing number of Chinese tourists in Finland in the newspapers or on TV?

Have you noticed new signage in Chinese or the Chinese-speaking attendants at Helsinki’s Vantaa airport? You must have heard that both Finnair and Finnish Lapland are preparing at full speed for the arrival of Chinese tourists.

Chinese people’s living standards have been improving at the same pace as the Chinese economy. Travelling around and experiencing the world is becoming more and more common among the Chinese. While the passion for beach holidays and shopping in metropolises is fading, the differences of an Arctic area are becoming more and more of an attraction to many Chinese.

If I were a Chinese tourist enjoying holidays in Finland

I would feel welcomed and at home if, before I even step into the land of Santa Claus, I were informed about how to prepare so that I can enjoy my trip to the full.

Since I live in an area where there is seldom snowy or icy weather, in practice I’m not used to being in an environment with temperatures of minus 30 degrees. All I know about Finland is from beautiful photos and my own romantic imagination. The reality may be pretty harsh and unpleasant if I am not prepared well enough.

I would feel delighted to embrace the pure nature.

I would love to experience the strong light reflected in the snow in spring, take a deep breath of the refreshing scent of the forest and feel the gentle lakeside breeze in summer, take a stroll in the golden landscape and mist in autumn, and gaze out of the window at the quiet world of snow in winter. But, equally important, I would like to share my experience with families and friends.

How about some jars of home-made berry jam?

If I have the chance to craft the golden Lapland leaves into some artwork, it would make a nice gift, too. I would like to buy some dietary supplements for my parents. If I am in Finland during the winter, I would love to make and wrap some ginger biscuits. When I am back in China, I will have the chance to enjoy the festive Christmas flavour and warmth of mulled wine and gingerbread biscuits with my family and friends.

I would love to experience daily life in a Finnish home or at a cottage, eat home-made Finnish food and try Finnish delicacies.

I would love to feel the thrill of visiting the sauna and taking a dip in a frozen lake in the winter. I would love to indulge in the power of silence in nature, which might help me to better understand the Finnish way of quietness.

If I were a Chinese tourist, I would take a Kongming lantern to Lapland to celebrate the Chinese new year, light it and lift it high amid the darkness, quietness and pure white, and wish all my loved ones a Happy Year of the Rooster!

Come and meet us at the Matka Helsinki Travel Fair 2017, as we will be attending the Travel Technology Mini Fair at Haaga-Helia on Friday January 20th, 2017, from 9.00am-noon!


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