How do work with our clients?

We have translated and proofread hundreds of pages for our clients who work in international settings. We have also offered language training and encouraged them to use foreign languages in their operations.

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  • Our clients, just as we have, have been happy with our translations. Our requested delivery times have always been met, even if we have sometimes thought that the schedule requested of Lingo has been impossibly tight.
    Communications company Kumppania
  • Reliable translations rapidly.
    Sun Chemical Oy
  • Reliable, flexible and able to work fast when needed.
  • We appreciate Lingo's expertise as well as flexible and friendly service. We have collaborated on building a working partnership.
  • Miia at Lingo is legitimately fantastic: skilful, reliable, accurate and fast!
  • Flexible collaboration, schedules are honoured and translations are accurate. It is good to be Lingo's client.
    Upcast Oy
  • Accurate work, flexible service and high-quality final product – Viimäsem bääll luanikas.
    City of Rauma, Communications and Tourism Services

  • Supermind

    The Finnish software company Supermind wanted to expand its customer base and successfully translated its website content into English.
  • Kasvu Open

    Lingo translates marketing materials and websites for Kasvu Open’s international programmes and bilingual Growth Paths.
  • Travel brochure of Porin Seudun Matkailu Oy Maisa

    We translated and revised the travel brochure of Porin Seudun Matkailu Oy Maisa.
  • Travel brochures – Pori and Rauma

    Lingo has produced international communication in the form of the various language versions of the travel brochures of Rauma and Pori in order to help more foreign tourists find their way to these exquisite destinations.