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Lingo Cloud9® service

Do you juggle large files in the source and target languages? Is it difficult to manage different versions of documents? Would you like to conduct closer dialogues with your linguistic partner? We offer our client companies a project platform which is easy to use, visually prominent and interactive.

We wanted to increase the transparency of our work, improve the accessibility of project communication and to improve the profitability of work. We also noticed the need to involve the client even more in the translation projects, because to us, the client is the best expert of their own field. Many clients expressed to us their wish to participate in translation projects more actively. We centralise the translators, proofreaders, project managers and the management of our projects into one location, where the history of projects and tasks as well as the assignments, delivered materials and their various versions remain safe and in order.

Lingo Cloud9® speeds up the process of creating high-quality translations in cooperation with the client and makes interaction more efficient with our current and potential client companies. In addition to the quality management of translations, the service also improves collaboration with clients.

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Reliable and secure

The use of Lingo Cloud9® is worry-free.

The service works in environments that can be shared individually with each client. The service is accessed via personal credentials. The security of the service has also been ensured in order to guarantee 100% confidentiality.

From trust to confidentiality

What does confidentiality mean in business operations?

The significance of trust is emphasised in all of Lingo's operations. At the same time, it is one of the cornerstones of customer relationships. Read the article.

What kinds of problems does Lingo Cloud9® solve?

Customers' challenges Lingo Cloud9®
Requests for quotes Creating and sending a request for a quote - what kind of details are needed? A template into which the required information can be entered quickly. The quote is sent to the client before the end of the day.
Sending files Sending large files is difficult and slow by email due to size restrictions. Files can be uploaded quickly and easily to the cloud service.
Version management Different people have different versions of the same documents on different computers and in different locations. The clients' all translated documents are in one location under one customer account. The management of different document versions is easy.
Project monitoring I cannot participate in the translation process. The client can access the translation process at any stage they wish and they can easily contact project management.
Additional information and glossaries It is not possible to deliver additional information and glossaries to the translator or it is the translation agency's responsibility and requires several email messages. Additional information and glossaries can be uploaded to the service where they are placed under each project and are accessible by the teams involved in these projects.
Communication It is not possible to send messages directly to the translator. Communication is shared with the entire project team.
Information management Information related to translation projects and documents is dispersed between different people. Retrieval of information from current and completed projects is easy using search words in the Lingo Cloud9® service.
Speed Translations are not completed fast enough. Lingo Cloud9® service makes the translation process faster, as all the information is easily accessible and the processing of files is fast.
Instructions Instructions on how to order translations and how to work with the linguistic partner are not available. The Lingo Cloud9® service contains instructions on how to order language services and how to create texts for translation.