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The pricing of translations

Usually, the price is determined by the requested language combination and the page count based on the length of the source text. One page equals 1,560 characters without spaces. We do not count words because translators don't translate word for word. The price includes the translation and revision of the text and one round of amendments after the client provides their comments.

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How to calculate the number of pages

You can easily find out the page count of the text to be translated, for example in Word.

2013 and newer versions: Review -> Word Count -> Characters (no spaces). wordcount2013(image)
2011 and older versions: File -> Properties -> Statistics -> Characters.

Divide the number of characters in the document by 1,560 characters and you will get the number of pages to be translated.

Official translations

Sworn translations

Official translations mean legally valid translations, for example of a certificate or a decree of a competent authority. Translations created by sworn translators are equivalent to the original document.

The price of sworn translations includes the translation of one page (fewer than 1,560 characters), a statement by a sworn translator and a stamp, any postage fees and VAT of 24%.

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